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Welcome to Hayes Wellness, your destination for the ultimate sauna experience. As a trusted supplier, we proudly offer Tylö saunas, featuring the Harmony, Impression, and Infrared ranges.

Discover the perfect sauna solution for your needs and indulge in relaxation like never before. Harmony saunas offer complete customisation, while the Impression range offers sophistication and simplicity with pre-designed saunas. For a unique and holistic experience, explore our Infrared range with low-radiation IR panels.

Read on to learn a bit more about each of our luxury ranges.

Harmony Modular Saunas

A fully customisable residential sauna solution that brings relaxation and wellness to your home. Choose between the Harmony Horizontal or Harmony Vertical versions, each offering unique panelling options in spruce, aspen, thermo aspen, or hemlock.

Designed for efficiency and performance, the Harmony sauna’s walls are constructed with high-quality insulation materials, ensuring rapid heat-up times, exceptional heat retention, and impressive energy-saving capabilities.

Experience the joy of personalisation. The Tylö Harmony sauna can be easily customised to fit your preferences, budget, and available space. Whether you opt for a convenient modular sauna with ready-to-go designs or a fully customised sauna tailored to your exact specifications, you can be confident in the craftsmanship, quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail that define every Tylö product.

Embrace the ultimate in-home sauna experience with a perfect blend of functionality and style, perfect for modern living.

Tylo Harmony Sauna Room Devon
Man in Impression Tylo Sauna

Impression Pre-Designed Saunas

The Tylö Impression range offers a selection of high-quality, pre-designed saunas that are both stylish and easy to assemble. Crafted with a passion for quality and craftsmanship, these ready-made saunas come in various floor plans and layouts, catering to your personal sauna preferences.

Simplistic yet luxurious, the Impression saunas come with a plethora of standard features and flexible interiors. The cabins boast a durable and sleek design, making them the perfect addition to your home.

Inside the Tylö Impression saunas, you’ll find benches, a sauna heater, and lighting. If you’re looking for a standardised, pre-fabricated sauna cabin kit to build your own sauna at home, the Tylö Impression range offers a superb starting point for your relaxation journey.

Available in three different sizes and a wide range of renditions, the Impression saunas are versatile and can fit almost anywhere.

Infrared Saunas

Tylö’s infrared saunas offer a remarkable fusion of the traditional sauna experience and the health benefits of infrared technology. These infrared rooms are equipped with low-radiation IR panels throughout, allowing for maximum heat penetration.

Tylö’s infrared saunas provide a host of health benefits that complement the traditional sauna experience. By raising the core body temperature from within, infrared saunas induce sweat at a lower temperature, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing environment while still providing the detoxifying and rejuvenating effects of infrared warmth.

Unlike traditional saunas, there’s no need to wait for the sauna to heat up. Simply it on and step inside to enjoy its benefits anytime you desire.

Infrared technology is also planet-friendly, using minimal electricity even with daily use. This makes it an eco-conscious choice compared to many other common household appliances.

Tylo Infrared Sauna Devon

Basic Sauna

Harmony Square with glass front, spruce, horizontal

Basic Sauna

Spruce Wood

1755 x 1500 x 2073 (WxDxH)

Mid Range Sauna

Harmony Square with glass corner, aspen, horizontal

Mid Range Sauna

Aspen Wood

2011 x 1755 x 2073 (WxDxH)

High End Sauna

Harmony Square with glass corner, thermoaspen, horizontal

High End Sauna

Thermo Aspen Wood

2267 x 2011 x 2073 (WxDxH)

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  • "Hayes Wellness have been amazing from beginning to end, we are so happy with our Sauna,  many thanks to Angela who helped us design the perfect home sauna cabin for our needs. We only had a small area to work with but we were surprised with what could fit into such a small space, perfect for my husband and I."

    Sandra Pellow

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