Commercial Sauna and Steam Rooms Devon

We are proud to be partnered with Tylö, the world’s leading sauna and steam manufacturer, based in Sweden, to bring you luxury saunas and steam rooms for use in commercial and residential settings.

We look forward to helping you create the perfect wellness experience at your business with our range of high-quality and bespoke traditional sauna rooms, infrared sauna rooms, and steam rooms.

Increase Revenue with Tylö Saunas and Steam Rooms

Adding a Tylö sauna and steam room to a hotel’s amenities can be a smart investment that increases. Wellness services have become an increasingly important aspect of the hospitality industry, with many guests seeking out premium wellness experiences that touch on all aspects of health and wellbeing.

By offering industry-leading wellness facilities, such as a Tylö saunas and steam rooms, hotels can charge premium prices for access and generate additional revenue as a result of the highly desirable wellness experiences they offer.

Adding a Tylö sauna and steam room to a hotel’s offerings can differentiate your spa from competitors while increasing its revenue.

Tylohelo Sauna and Steam Room Hotel
Hotel Tylohelo Sauna Devon

Tylö Saunas for Commercial Use

Tylö saunas are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind to create a luxurious and comfortable experience for users. We proudly offer bespoke Tylö saunas available in various sizes, designs, and materials. Customise your saunas to your unique size, material, and feature requirements and create an unforgettable ambiance that keeps customers coming back.

Offer your customers an unrivaled wellness experience that uses innovative technologies to relax and de-stress with efficient heat therapy that increases blood circulation and helps remove toxins from the body.

Tylö Commercial Steam Rooms

Steam rooms go hand-in-hand with saunas to offer a complete heat therapy package that also uses humid heat to treat inflammation and aid respiratory function. Steam rooms are great for naturally decongesting the lungs while increasing blood flow to further contribute to this process that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.

The high humidity in a steam room can help to open up the respiratory system and clear out congestion, making it particularly beneficial for those with respiratory issues and causing users to feel like they can breathe more clearly after they leave the steam room.

The heat and humidity can help to promote healthy skin by opening up pores and improving circulation, positioning steam rooms as a unique heat therapy treatment that completes any hotel or spa.

Tylohelo Steam Room in Hotel



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  • "Hayes Wellness have been amazing from beginning to end, we are so happy with our Sauna,  many thanks to Angela who helped us design the perfect home sauna cabin for our needs. We only had a small area to work with but we were surprised with what could fit into such a small space, perfect for my husband and I."

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