The Benefits of Sauna and Steam Rooms

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Being a Wellness provider, we would be withholding valuable information if we didn’t let you know the benefits of regular sauna or steam bathing. There are a whole plethora of medical studies that have found measurable positive effects on the body.

Reduce Symptoms of Depression 

Research has found that regular sauna bathing actually has measurable positive effects on seratonin levels in our blood. Seratonin is the “happiness hormone” that effects our mood and behaviour. Having low levels of this hormone causes symptoms of depression.

“Lowry has identified a group of neurons in the brain that releases increased amounts of serotonin in the body when the body temperature is elevated. Serotonin is a so called endogenous neurotransmitter that affects our mood and our behavior. Almost all antidepressants work by activating our serotonin system.” TyloHelo Blog

Protect Your Heart

Regular sauna bathing can reduce the risk of heart attack by as much as 63%. Don’t take our word for it, read about Laukkanen et als findings.

“Accumulating evidence suggests that regular sauna bathing may alleviate and prevent the risk of both acute and chronic disease conditions. During the past decade, a considerable amount of research data from various countries on the potential health benefits of sauna bathing as well as the putative biological pathways underlying these effects have been reported.Mayo Clinic

Build Muscle Mass

Subjecting your body to heat prompts a number of changes within including increased plasma volume and blood flow to your heart and muscles. This leads to an increase in athletic endurance and increased muscle mass, due to greater levels of heat shock proteins and growth hormone. 5 Reasons You Should Add Sauna to Your Fitness Routine.

Burn Calories

Findings have shown that it is possible to burn as many calories sitting in a hot bath as you do running. The same can be said for a sauna as this relies on the body’s core temperature being raised. Combining sauna/steam with regular physical activity can complement your fitness routine. Read More. 

Beautiful Skin

The heat in saunas enhances our collagen production. Collagen is the protein that gives our tissues and organs strength and elasticity and therefore the heat can help to rejuvenate the skins complexion. Heat also leads to a dramatic increase in blood circulation, giving your skin a fresh appearance with a natural healthy glow.

Help With Chronic Pain

Infrared sauna can have beneficial effects on several kinds of chronic pain such as arthritis, back problems, sore muscles, joints and fybromyalgia.


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