The Evolution of the Hot Tub

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Hot tubs have come a long way over the years. From improved insulation that significantly reduces costs to reduced maintenance that saves you time, hot tub technology is constantly advancing and benefiting consumers.

Below you’ll learn more about some of the latest insulation advancements as well as the newest and most innovative self-cleaning hot tubs. When you choose a hot tub that is well insulated and self-cleaning, you’ll reap the rewards.

The Evolution of Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency

The evolution of insulation over the years has been truly remarkable. These drastic changes can be seen in the evolution of Hydropool’s products.

In 1990, insulation was basically non-existent as hot tubs did not have even basic foam insulation. In 1992, we began using full foam insulation to insulate our hot tubs and pipes and make them more efficient, but it was impossible to access plumbing without completely digging out the pipes and damaging the insulation and structure of the hot tub. Although this model was an improvement, it was still less than efficient as it was still losing 1.5 kilowatts of heat.

In 2000, we introduced the Hydrowise Thermal Shield, which remedied leaks that occurred because of plumbing support issues and heat that escaped through gaps in the hot tubs’ panels. These innovations also allowed the motor to breathe, prevented overheating, and prevented water pumps from failing.

Since 2005, we have used Hydrowise Thermal Shield Technology, which brings a huge range of benefits to our customers. The poly film barrier supports plumbing and if servicing is required, access is easy. This is also our most efficient insulation to date as it has the ability to reuse waste heat from the hot tub’s motor, shell, and pipes to heat the hot tub. It also offers eco-heat exchange venting to eliminate heat during summer and trap heat during winter.

Over the years, our hot tubs have changed with the times, providing you with the utmost in efficiency and helping you save money.

The Development of the First Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

A self-cleaning hot tub has long been the dream of customers. In 1980, Hydropool’s hot tubs featured grate style skimmers and gravity style drains. By 1985, we upgraded our technology to a suction side filter and skimmer to improve surface skimming, which was impossible prior to that time. By combining surface and deep skimming, customers saved money because the water was being skimmed much more efficiently.

By 1989, we introduced more changes, shifting away from the suction side filter skimmer to a high flow skimmer and pressure side filter. This advancement improved water filtering dramatically, as the filtration rate was only 50% prior to this innovation. It also eliminated pump and heater problems caused by the previous filter, which frequently clogged. Finally, these innovations moved the filter out of the bather’s sight line, improving the hot tub’s appearance while reducing odours.

In 1993, Hydropool shifted from the gravity drain to floor vacuum, which offered improved cleaning capabilities and reduced user maintenance. Previously, water was pulled from 2”- 4” above the bottom of the hot tub, which meant a vacuum was required to remove dirt from the floor, but the new model could thoroughly filter water that could not be previously reached. In addition, the new model prevented users from having to manually bail the bottom 6 inches of water in order to fully drain the hot tub.

All of these technological innovations led to our one-of-a-kind, self-cleaning hot tub which we offer today. This model far surpasses the capabilities of our previous hot tubs, filtering 100% of the water every 15 minutes, skimming the surface, vacuuming the floor, and leaving customers with clean, clear water without having to work too hard.

When you want to save money and time, investing in a well-insulated, self-cleaning hot tub that utilizes the most cutting-edge spa technologies will help you work less and spend more time there with family and friends.

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