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Hot tubs are serious investments, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your needs. Before you rush out and buy a hot tub on a whim, you’ll want to thoroughly compare the features and benefits of several different models. Below, you’ll find out about seven areas to investigate that will help you make the best hot tub choice for your lifestyle.

Area #1: Comfort and Design

All hot tubs are not equally comfortable, so it’s crucial to try them out and compare their comfort levels. Before you try out any hot tub, look for ergonomically designed seats and multi-level seating that will accommodate the size and shape of a wide range of users. Next, ask for a wet test so you can sit in the hot tub while it’s full. If you can’t do this, a dry test is the next best option.

As you sit in the hot tub, notice its size. Make sure there is plenty of room for many bathers to comfortably relax, including in the footwell. Also notice whether the seats are comfortable, especially when you lean back against the jets. When you lean back in the lounger, you should be able to easily recline while your feet remain on the floor.

Area #2: Massage Options

Hot tubs are excellent therapeutic tools. They can help eliminate back and leg pain, provide recovery after a workout, and even treat stress and insomnia. The best hot tubs feature wellness programs that can be selected by using a touchpad, making it easy to select a program that will meet your therapeutic needs.

You’ll want to look for a hot tub with various jet types and positions. In fact, each seat should provide a different therapy experience. Having enough jets is also important, but make sure they are also the right style for your needs.

Area #3: Heat-Saving Insulation

Good insulation will help you save money and energy. A hot tub that is equipped to trap waste heat inside the cabinet will always provide superior energy efficiency. Hardcovers and thermal vents will retain heat and prevent energy loss, while thermal shields and high-flow, low-energy pumps will also help you save. A good way to assess a hot tub’s energy efficiency is by asking the dealer how much it costs to run per month. Any hot tub that is Commission for Environmental Cooperation approved is among the most efficient options available.

Area #4: Maintenance

Fast, easy maintenance is an important feature in any hot tub. Self-cleaning hot tubs offer extremely easy cleaning and maintenance. First, make sure the hot tub has features that make it easy to clean and drain. Also look for an in-line chemical feeder, which will keep your hot tub disinfected with little time commitment from you. Ensuring that the plumbing can be accessed from all sides will also make maintenance easier.

If you want the fastest and most convenient maintenance possible, look for a hot tub that can vacuum the floor, skim the surface, and filter its water in around 15 minutes.

Area #5: The Dealer

Finding a good dealer can drastically improve your hot tub buying experience. Go online and read independent reviews of both the dealer and manufacturer. When you visit the dealer, find out about the process for getting parts if you need to repair something and determine whether they can test your water on site. Finally, ask where maintenance is done. In-house maintenance is much easier to utilize than outsourced maintenance.

Area #6: The Warranty

Choosing a good warranty is the best way to save money on your hot tub. A 10-year structural warranty, 5-year acrylic surface warranty, and a 3-year parts and labor warranty should be strong enough to handle your repair needs. Ideally, work with a company that does not charge trip fees for warranty calls.

Area #7: Personalized Features

You want your hot tub to meet all of your needs and to be a perfect fit for your lifestyle, so it’s important to make sure you have access to the perks that can create an exceptional experience. Ice buckets and drink holders may be important if you entertain a lot. If the look of your hot tub is a high priority, investigate models with wood cabinets as well as those with synthetic cabinets. Also notice the noise level and voltage. To create the ideal aesthetic experience, look into accent lighting. High-quality stereo systems can also enhance your soak.

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