Ideas for Hot Tub Enclosures

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Once you have made the decision to purchase a hot tub it is time to start planning how you are going to integrate it into your landscaping. There are so many options available ranging from simple, economic screens to elaborate custom decking. Below we will take a look at some common hot tub enclosure ideas.

Sun Shade

A wooden pergola design keeps some of the sun’s rays out while maintaining an open exposure feel. This enclosure can also help shield bathers from light precipitation.

Wishing Well

Designed to look similar to traditional water wells, the roofed cover and open walls on a wishing well enclosure will protect bathers from the elements while still providing a view of the surrounding landscape. Wishing well enclosures can also be designed to add walls in colder months to help keep bathers warm.

Summer Solstice

Four simple wooden posts covered with a canvass umbrella is perfect for keeping leaves and debris out of your hot tub and protect bathers from getting sunburned. One downside to this type of enclosure is that on very sunny days it can add heat which some users may find uncomfortable.

Gazebo Deck

Building a gazebo enclosure helps make your hot tub the focal point of your backyard and designs can include plenty of space for lounge chairs, outdoor kitchens or a bar area. Walk up structures are perfect for lounging the days away and the roof enclosure protects against the elements while still having an open-air feel.


If you already have a large deck an enclosure with a wooden cover can be built around the hot tub with walk up steps for bathers to easily be able to get in and out. By placing the hot tub on your deck, you can extend your living space and enjoy time spent outdoors just a few steps from your home. Adding a few hammocks and a patio furniture set with a nearby BBQ will make it the perfect entertainment area.

Country Style

For an old-fashioned touch, surround the hot tub with stone walls and enclose with wooden posts and a metal roof. The texture and color combination gives a natural look and the enclosure can be accessorized with plant holders and a small outdoor fireplace.


A simple but dramatic enclosure is using four large posts with a pergola design and hanging curtains from the top. Curtains can be tied to the side for an open-air feel or closed when bathers want more privacy.

There are so many enclosure options that usually the only limitations are your imagination, space requirements and budget. From wooden structures to fibreglass arbors to sundecks or even a garden style grotto, your hot tub will easily become the focal point of your lawn.

Remember that before you finalize your decision for what type of hot tub enclosure you want that you speak to your hot tub dealer. They may have some helpful recommendations and direct you to check with a plumber and electrician to approve the design.

Enclosures are a great way to add some privacy to your hot tub bathing experience as well as upgrade your landscaping. Now that you know just a few of the many options available, contact our team at Hayes Wellness today on 01803 872 666 or to find out more about the features and benefits of Hydropool hot tubs.

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