Is It Worth Doing a Wet Test Before Buying a Hot Tub?

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When shopping for a hot tub, considering the different features and specifications are important, but even more important is taking a wet test before you buy. Similar to taking a car for a test drive, while you do not need to test every hot tub that you look at, you should test the final few models that you are considering to help make your choice.

Preferably, you would wet test all the hot tub models on the same day so that you would be able to judge the differences and comfort levels better. Below, we will explain more about what a wet test is and what some of the main benefits of performing one are.

What is a Wet Test?

A wet test is basically exactly what it sounds like – testing the hot tub when it is filled with water. With a wet test, your hot tub dealer will fill and heat the hot tub so that you are able to test it by soaking in it for 15 – 30 minutes. This time gives you an opportunity to test the seats, feel the water jets and their massage programs along with other features.

Here is a list of important items to check while performing a wet test:

Seating Depth

Take note of the water depth when you are sitting up straight. If you plan on using your hot tub frequently throughout winter, you will want the water level to reach your shoulders so that you can stay warm while bathing.


Once inside the hot tub, think about the number of guests that will be frequently using it and if there will be adequate space. Get a feel for where the seats are located and if there is enough leg and arm room between seats.

Massage Jets

The jets in a hot tub have a lot to do with how much you will enjoy your bathing experience. When performing a wet test, play close attention to the water jets. Test the different hydrotherapy options and massage programs that target sore muscles like your back, legs, and calves. A wet test lets you feel whether or not the hot tub’s jet placement is comfortable for you. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the footwell and see if there are water jets to massage tired feet.


When you decide to purchase a hot tub, you want to be able to relax in it, not be irritated by the noise. Quality hot tub models like Hydropool have minimal to zero noise when the water is heating, filtering and circulating. Make sure that the hot tub runs silently and that you will be able to enjoy your soaking time.

Seat Quality

When choosing a hot tub, you want seating that will accommodate both adults and children. Multi-level seating offers plenty of versatility and ergonomic features. Make sure to spend enough time testing the lounge seat. You want to be able to comfortably relax in it without it floating off or feeling tipsy.

At the end of the day, a hot tub is a large investment and something that you will own for many years to come. By doing your research up front and taking the time to try different models before you rush into buying, you will ensure that you choose the best model for your needs.

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