How to Select the Right Design to Maximise Comfort

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You want a hot tub to help you unwind at the end of the day, but if your hot tub isn’t comfortable, it might cause more stress than it relieves. Worse, if you don’t enjoy using your hot tub because it’s uncomfortable, you might not use as much as you should. Rather than making a hasty purchase, it’s important to take the time to know just what to look for to help you find a hot tub that is as comfortable as possible.

Below we outline some of the key design features that have a major impact on your comfort and overall hot tub experience.

Look for Ergonomically Designed Seats

In terms of hot tub comfort, there is no better feature than ergonomically designed seats that will fit and support your body’s natural curves. Don’t be afraid to step into the hot tub and take a seat, or to ask for a “wet test” in a full tub. This is the only way you’ll know whether the fit is right for you.

First, for the best massage and soaking experience, you want to make sure you fit comfortably in the seats. Next, if the hot tub has lounger seats that allow you to recline with your feet still on the floor, check to ensure that they are non-float loungers. In other words, if the lounger isn’t deep enough or you can’t properly position your body in the seat, you’ll float out of it. If you aren’t able to do a wet test, remember that if a hot tub isn’t comfortable when it’s dry, it’s unlikely that it will be any more comfortable when it’s full.

Inspect Additional Design Features

Once you’ve tested the seats for comfort, it’s time to examine the hot tub’s other design features. The first feature to look for is multi-level seating. Multi-level seating ensures that all body types can sit in the hot tub, no matter who you’re entertaining. Second, examine the footwell to make sure it’s large enough to accommodate multiple bathers so you don’t feel cramped while you soak. Finally, note whether there are safety steps for entry and exit, or if bathers must step on a seat to climb in or out. Consider who will be using the hot tub and the level of safety that is important for your needs.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

Remember that every detail of the hot tub’s design is crucial to your comfort. Even the most minor features (such as pillows) should not be ignored. Are the pillows comfortable? Can they be easily removed and cleaned? Is there a place for an ice bucket or drinks? Also, note whether the hot tub can be sold with or without a cabinet and whether the cabinet supports the hot tub or has a self-supporting cradle that allows installation without a cabinet. A hot tub that does not need a cabinet can be more easily installed just as you’d like, whether in the ground, in a floor, or elsewhere.

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